-Elizabeth Kimberly Teng


As a parent, the joy of having a child that could live a normal life like any other children shattered when knowing the news that my daughter who was diagnosed with severe to profound hearing loss for both ears at the age of 5 years old. Every time looking at my adorable daughter’s face, tears and unaccountable worries mingle in our minds until one day when we come to know about GNOSIS PROFESSIONAL HEARING SERVICES.

Giving her a pair of Siemens hearing aids has brought the joy of hearing back to life for my daughter. It is so good to see her now able to hear so much noise of the world and no longer living in her own quietness. Ever since she started to wear the Siemens BTE hearing aids, everything change for the better and the most significant change is that she no longer left out of conversation with the family members and her friends. It has been seven years since Elizabeth having her hearing aids provided by GNOSIS PROFESSIONAL HEARING SERVICES KUCHING and we are very happy and satisfied with the audiologist and the team who have always provided excellent service and follow-up care.