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Industrial Hearing Screening

Industrial Hearing Screening

Some adults are at risk of hearing loss, especially if their work environment is noisy. Workers in the construction, airline and production industries are especially vulnerable due to their proximity to machines that produce sounds at levels above what is considered safe.

The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) sets a daily noise exposure limit of 85dB A averaged over a working period of 8 hours. If an employee is exposed to sounds louder than the permissible exposure limit over a prolonged period of time, they may experience noise-induced or occupational hearing loss.

If employees are exposed to noise levels above the daily noise exposure level, employers have to provide information, instruction,
training and supervision for employees on the

  1. Effects of noise exposure and requirement to undergo an audiometric testing
  2. Proper use of a personal hearing protector such as earmuffs and earplugs

Audiometric Testing & Personal Hearing Protector

20dB Hearing offers both a comprehensive industrial audiometry service and hearing protection for companies whose employees are at risk of exposure to excessive noise levels.

Industrial Audiometry

Audiometry tests are hearing tests conducted at an Audiometry Testing Centre by a trained technician or audiologist for your employee. An Occupational Health Doctor (OHD) is appointed by us to interpret the test results. We shall submit a report on the audiometry test to the employer within 30 days from testing.

If an employee is found to have occupational hearing loss, employers need to

  1. Notify the Director General of the nearest DOSH office within 7 days
  2. Provide a personal hearing protector to such employee if none is provided previously
  3. Train employees on the usage of the personal hearing protector


Personal Hearing Protector (PHP)

Our PHP includes a line of reusable Crescendo Heavy Industry Ear Plugs that can reduce noise by as much as 25dB making it safe for 8 hours continuous use in any environment up to 110dB.


• Suitable for miners and quarry workers
• Suitable for construction workers and machinists


• Protects your employees from loud noise while still allowing them to communicate with colleagues
• Reduces the risk of hearing damage
• Available in several sizes to ensure proper fit
• Natural sound and ventilation of the ear due to the wide filter aperture with sound damping mesh

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