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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy


Speech therapy is a highly effective program to help children overcome various speech and language challenges in Malaysia. The role of a speech-language pathologist is to assess and treat communication disorders, providing children with the necessary tools to develop their speech and language skills.
There are many different reasons why speech therapy might be needed. In childhood, speech therapy is often used to help children who have:

  • birth defect problems like cleft palate or cleft lip
  • other language problems.
  • delayed speech
  • hearing problems
  • stuttering
  • problems with forming words or sentences
  • developmental delays

Starting speech therapy at a young age is optimal for a child's speech and language development. Undergoing treatment in the earlier stage provides a significant advantage and can lead to a more prosperous and fulfilling therapy experience. Schedule an appointment in the best hearing aid centre in Malaysia.


A speech therapist will test your child and find out the types of speech and language skills that he or she needs to work on. Therapy includes training and repetitive exercises and use of devices that can make it easier for some children to speak. Speech therapists also work closely with the family members who will help care for the person.

The therapist may work one-on-one with your child or in a small group. During therapy your child may do a variety of age-appropriate fun activities.

  • Language exercises: During these exercises the therapist plays with and talks to your child. The therapist may model the correct way to say words and have your child repeat words and sentences.
  • Articulation exercises: Articulation means the making of sounds. The therapist will do sound exercises with your child by making the correct sound or syllable of a word for the child to repeat. Your child is shown how to make the sound with his or her mouth and tongue. Your child may use a mirror to watch how the mouth and tongue move to make the correct sound.
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises: Breathing techniques and relaxation exercises may be done to help your child relax the face and mouth muscles.


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