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Do you want to improve your quality of life by hearing better? The best hearing aid centre in Malaysia, providing personalised hearing care services for over 21 years. We offer comprehensive hearing tests for children & adults in Malaysia to determine the extent and cause of hearing loss. Our qualified audiologists recommend the best hearing aids based on your listening needs, lifestyle, and budget. As such, we offer a wide range of hearing aids from reputable brands, including Unitron, Phonak, Signia and Resound. Cochlear implant - Advanced Bionics.

Moreover, we also offer a range of hearing-related services, including cochlear implants, digital hearing aid fitting and speech therapy. We use the latest technology, equipment and techniques to ensure accurate results and the best care for our clients. Our branches are located in strategic areas in Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor Bahru, and provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for you, with state-of-the-art hearing test facilities and consultation rooms.

Besides, our centre is the first ISO 9001:2015-certified company in this industry. We also provide free hearing screening and hearing aid trials for up to 20 days, terms and conditions apply. Our experienced and qualified audiologists in Malaysia, a wide range of hearing aids, cochlear implant and services, the latest technology facilities, and multiple locations make us the top choice for anyone looking to improve their hearing and quality of life. Contact us today to schedule an audiometry test in Malaysia.

Perkhidmatan Kami Perkayakan pendengaran anda dengan ELITE EXPERIENCE


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Pengalaman baharu akan keluar daripada Blu

Pengalaman pendengaran yang meningkatkan kehidupan yang anda akan sukai. Dapatkan percubaan bawa pulang percuma alat pendengaran terkini sekarang!

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Alami perkhidmatan penjagaan kesihatan pendengaran elit dari keselesaan rumah anda

Kini anda boleh menilai pendengaran anda dan memulakan percubaan alat pendengaran percuma anda tanpa perlu keluar dari rumah. Sesuai untuk pelanggan yang mempunyai masalah pengangkutan atau mobiliti.

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Konsultasi Video Atas Talian PERCUMA dengan Pakar Audiologi Profesional kami

Hubungi pakar audiologi yang diperakui lembaga melalui perundingan video atas talian. Perundingan video atas talian percuma kami membolehkan anda berbual dengan pakar audiologi profesional dan berpengalaman.

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Ujian pendengaran atas talian percuma

Mulakan ujian pendengaran atas talian 3 minit sekarang untuk mengetahui sejauh mana pendengaran anda.

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Kedai Kami

Temui Pakar Audiologi Kami

Karen Lai Nyuk Ling

Karen Lai Nyuk Ling

Pakar Audiologi Klinikal merangkap Pakar Pengurus Operasi
Liew June Kok

Liew June Kok

Pakar Audiologi Kanan merangkap Pakar Pengurus Outlet
Lim Re Gal

Lim Re Gal

Pakar Audiologi Klinikal merangkap Kaunselor Bertauliah
Wong Kin Loon

Wong Kin Loon

Pakar Audiologi Klinikal merangkap Pakar Pengurus Outlet

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Do you know about tinnitus? Tinnitus is known for the ringing, clicking, buzzing, or hissing sounds you might experience. However, it isn’t really a disease itself, but rather one of the common symptoms among children and adults with hearing loss. It can be treated under professional audiological care.

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