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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

With the help of advancing technology, today’s digital hearing aids are small and comfortable with software that can be adapted perfectly to your individual needs. At 20dB Hearing, we take great pride in helping our customers make the transition to using hearing aids as seamless as possible. Our hearing care professionals will work with you to determine the correct type of hearing aid that fits your lifestyle and budget – whether it’s Behind-the-Ear (BTE), In-the-Ear (ITE), Receiver-in-Canal (RIC), or any of the other models we carry.

From the moment you try on a pair of hearing aids, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your hearing. You’ll be able to follow conversations without straining (even in loud places), enjoy music and the sounds of nature, and hear better when watching television or talking on the phone. Be sure to ask about our 14 days free take home trial for new customers.



There are two main types of hearing aids: those that fit behind the ear and those that fit right in the ear canal. What’s the best hearing aid for you is dictated by your hearing loss, lifestyle and preferences.


The style of a hearing aid refers to where and how it is worn. Understanding the types of hearing aids available before your consultation can give you an idea of the technology that will work best for you. Click on the hearing aids below to learn about each style.


Digital hearing aids account for more than 95 percent of hearing aids on the market today. Unlike the analog aids of decades past, these aids do more than just make sound louder.

Digital hearing aids process sound waves through computer technology, producing an exact duplication of each sound. As they do so, the sound is instantly analyzed and optimized for your specific needs and listening situation – for example, reducing the sound of wind or whistling.

The result is an experience closer to natural hearing than ever before.


The price of your hearing aid will vary depending on its technology and specifications. More sophisticated features such as Bluetooth streaming and compatibility with smartphones will drive up the cost.

You will incur additional costs for your hearing aids including insurance, batteries, and repairs. These should be factored into your budget when you purchase your hearing aids.

Price Range Per Unit:
RM1,950 – RM2,800
Hearing Aid Technology
  • Automatic Detection
  • Directional Microphone
  • Four Channels Or Fewer
  • Three Programme Settings
  • Control Gain At Three Inputs
Lifestyle Suitability
  • People with quieter lifestyles
  • One-to-one conversations
  • Talking on the telephone and watching television
Price Range Per Unit:
RM3,000 – RM6,000
Hearing Aid Technology

All of the above, plus

  • Multi-Directional Microphone Configuration
  • More Than Three Programme Settings
  • Anti-Phase Feedback Management
  • More Channels Enabling The Adjustment Of Your Aid To Your Hearing Loss
  • Bluetooth streaming
Lifestyle Suitability
  • All home environments
  • Small groups, walking outdoors, coffee shops
Price Range Per Unit:
RM6,000 – RM15,000
Hearing Aid Technology

All of the above, plus

  • Greater Bandwidth Of Up To 8kHz
  • True Bilateral Configuration
  • Automatic
Lifestyle Suitability
  • More complex environments
  • Large groups, restaurants, business meetings
Price Range Per Unit:
RM6,000 – RM15,000
Hearing Aid Technology

All of the above, plus

  • Control Hearing Aids Using Smart Devices
  • Tinnitus White Noise Generators
  • Remembers How You Set Your Hearing Aid Previously Using GPS
  • Direct Audio Streaming
  • Direct Phone Conversation Streaming
Lifestyle Suitability
  • Suitable for all environments
  • The most socially active and demanding person

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