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Spearheading Quality Hearing Healthcare

HUMANS are well known to be highly sociable. We have evolved to function in groups since our hunter-gatherer days. 
The ability to communicate through hearing and speech enabled our ancestors to survive and thrive in even the most hostile of environments. However, our sense of hearing is often taken for granted. Due to age, noise or other factors, hearing often declines over time, making it harder for us to participate in social events.

More than 20 years ago, founder Mok Yong Yaw, who is also the company’s chief executive officer and senior audiologist, realised there was a vacuum in the field of hearing healthcare support across the nation. 
This inspired him to establish 20dB Hearing, a private hearing centre, in an effort to empower the hearing-impaired community. 
According to Mok, “Our goal has always been to elevate people’s quality of life through hearing loss management and awareness.” Since then, the company has grown to become the largest player in the industry with a network of 33 hearing centres, spanning two countries and manned by over 70 certified audiologists.

20dB offers comprehensive audiological services. The healthcare provider specialises in hearing tests and hearing aid fitting for all ages. Its hearing devices are imported from reputable manufacturers such as Unitron, Phonak, Advanced Bionics, Signia and Resound, which offer an unrivalled listening experience.

At 20dB, it is universally accepted that hearing well opens the door to more opportunities in life. 
To achieve this in practice, they augment state-of-the-art hearing devices with world-class expertise from qualified professionals. 20dB aims to understand your needs and match you with the hearing solution that works best in your daily life.

The healthcare company complements its repertoire of services with a range of other duties such as speech language therapy, industrial hearing screening and cochlear implants. This variety of services extends its reach to aid more people in need of hearing treatments. Additionally, 20dB audiologists and speech therapists are based in their hometowns as they are familiar with local customs and culture to better serve clients. Having this bond between clinician and the client provides a natural and effective way to build rapport which can lead to better health outcomes.

In the previous year, 20dB had won the SOBA Gold Award for Best in Customer Service. It leads the way as the first hearing centre to achieve QMS ISO 9001:2015 certification in Malaysia, which reflects its commitment towards enhancing clinical processes and delivering high quality customer care services. To safeguard the integrity and performance of their medical devices throughout the supply-chain, the management has obtained the Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMD) certification. All of these recognitions mean their patients can be rest assured of outstanding and consistent performance at every outlet.  In order to reduce waste and meet sustainability objectives, 20dB has developed an in-house lab that services hearing aids thus, ensuring speedy repairs and zero downtime.

Their hearing aids even come with its own Hearing Aid Protection Plan, which insures the devices and gives all clients a peace of mind in the event of theft or loss. Another special programme offered is a take-home hearing aid trial for up to 20 days so clients can experience the device in their natural environment with no strings attached. Lastly, nationwide support is available to all clients from the numerous centres spread across Malaysia.

ISO Certified Company ISO Certified Company
Nationwide Support Nationwide Support
Customized Hearing Solution Customized Hearing Solution
Board-certified Audiologists Board-certified Audiologists
Satisfaction Guarantee Satisfaction Guarantee
Best in Customer Service Best in Customer Service
Best in Corporate Social Responsibility Best in Corporate Social Responsibility
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