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Westone Earplanes™️ Pressure Ear Plugs (Adult)

RM 45.00

EarPlanes consist of a silicone ear plug which acts as an airtight seal between the product and the ear canal and a ceramic pressure regulator which acts as a controlled posterity filter when inserted into the ear. As cabin pressure changes the filter acts as impedance to the flow of air into and out of the ear canal. A blocked Eustachian tube is the most common form of discomfort usually caused by changes in cabin air pressure when anaeroplane descends EarPlanes provide an equal but opposite impedance on the exterior of the middle ear, allowing relief.

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Relieves Air Pressure Discomfort with the Exclusive CeramX Filter
Reduces Harsh Noise
Drug Free
Safe, comfortable, disposable
Noise reduction rating: 20 decibels.
Soft Hypoallergenic
Latex Free Silicone

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