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How to encourage your family members to seek help in hearing loss with 5 steps

Step 1:  Raise up the doubt and problems sensitively.

If you suspect your family member is affected by hearing loss, always be sensitive and calm; firmly point out the communication problems or misunderstanding. “I think the TV volume is too high, is it because you find the conversation in the movie hard to understand?”. Or “Maybe you didn’t understand me correctly?”

Step 2: Break down the barriers.

Lower the person’s worries of the new gadget being complicated, hard to use or with certain level of cosmetic concern. Repeatedly show out that today hearing aids are stylish, easy to use, and has better technology now. Additionally, cost should also not be an obstacle as interest-free installment payment plan is available.

Step 3: Recalling old good times with hearing back

Discuss with the person about all the things they can experience and do again thanks to hearing aids; eg, enjoy conversation during dining time and listen to birds twittering. What’s more, they can also make phone calls and enjoy TV effortlessly thanks to the direct bluetooth connection between phone/TV and the hearing aids.

Step 4: Let’s do it together!

Arrange an appointment with an audiologist and do it together. Remember, you will need to be sensitive and tactful with your invitation. For example, say,  “Let’s go together. I would like to get tested as well, maybe we’ll end up getting hearing aids together…”

 Step 5: Encourage, Support and Enjoy


Once they’re wearing a brand new hearing aid, this is not the final goal yet. They still need a lot of encouragement, support and acceptance. Otherwise, they will reject it and refuse to wear it. Moreover, support and empower them if they are facing any difficulties in the journey. Show them the benefits of hearing aids and enjoy their restored life together such as going out for movies or gathering with friends.

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