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Signia is the new premium brand replacing Siemens hearing aids. Siemens has been a trusted brand in the hearing healthcare market for more than 100 years. Now owned by the Sivantos group, they remain committed to innovative hearing technology in a complete product line to meet every preference and need. The company aims to contribute to the quality of life of those suffering hearing loss by providing solutions for better hearing and understanding through empowerment of communication.


Sivantos (Siemens) works closely with universities, hospitals, hearing centers, and experienced users to build hearing aids for any and every situation. This progress is applied by the members of their high-caliber development team and is reflected in numerous patents. Whether you suffer from mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss, or even tinnitus, Sivantos (Siemens) offers numerous types of customizable hearing aids, all designed to fit your needs and lifestyle.


The flagship family of Signia products is built on an innovative new platform called Primax which features many forward-thinking technologies. Signia Nx delivers the most natural hearing experience, outstanding speech quality, and best connectivity to your smartphone as well as TV.

  • Signia Nx: Signia’s latest hearing aid platform, provides the industry’s first genuine solution to the own voice issue.
  • OVP™: The world’s first Own Voice Processing (OVP) improves spontaneous acceptance of own voice by 80% of dissatisfied hearing aid wearers.
  • Telecare: Revolutionary remote hearing care allows hearing care professionals to fine-tune wearer’s hearing aids in the real-life situations for which they are intended, much like a virtual home visit.


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