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Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant Camp

We were extremely thrilled and honored to be invited by Advanced Bionics India for a cochlear implant mapping training camp at Chennai from 13 to 15 September 2022. Throughout the three days of training, invaluable knowledge and skills pertaining to the cochlear implant system, mapping software and auditory rehabilitation were obtained. It was truly a great experience when we had the chance to share our experience with the team of audiologists and speech language pathologists from India regarding the multidisciplinary approach to cochlear implant habilitation and rehabilitation program in India and Malaysia. We also met two other audiologists from South Korea! Apart from forging friendship, we shared our practices, knowledge and experience in managing cochlear implant patients from our respective countries. We were also given an opportunity to participate in the cochlear implant surgery where we witnessed the surgical procedure and surgical skills of the ear nose and throat surgeon (ENT).  From this session, we were also able to gain a deeper insight into the role of an audiologist in supporting cochlear implant surgery.
As audiologists, it is crucial for us to constantly be equipped and updated with the latest hearing devices technology and to engage in continuous learning, so that we are always prepared to help our patients in their respective hearing habilitation and rehabilitation journey. Each individual’s hearing journey is unique and different. Hence, we should not depend solely on a single “recipe” or a fixed set of formulas to prescribe and program hearing devices or to plan an auditory training program for an individual. Additionally, the advance of hearing devices technology is rapid. As such, audiologists are to be actively trained to cope with the ever-changing scenario of technological advancement in order to provide the best hearing care services to our patients. We, as 20dB Hearing audiologists, are always “hear” for you and with you throughout your hearing journey!

Elizabeth Lim , Clinical Audiologist at 20dB Hearing Seremban

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