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20dB Cochlea Implant Team

20dB strives to provide the best possible hearing care service to all our clients. Hence, we will continuously improve  and update our knowledge to ensure that  we are on par in terms of technology and skill with the rest of the world.

I have been sent to Chennai, India to attend the Advanced Bionic Boot Camp training that took place over the course of a few days. Over there, we visited the KKR ENT hospital, one of the mapping centers in Tamil Nadu that performs Intraoperative measure, the switch-on procedure for the cochlea implant and also mapping. Patients waited at the lobby before the clinical operation was set to begin. Every single need of the patient was well attended to, one after another, with limited free time in between.

Each day, an audiologist would meet with approximately 20 - 30 patients. The Audiologists in India are very experienced as they have handled many cases. I am glad to have learned the clinical skills and knowledge from them and even got the chance to discuss my own case from Malaysia with them. My ultimate goal was to learn as much as possible and bring back that knowledge to Malaysia to help my cochlea implant patients hear better..

Besides the audiologist, we had the opportunity to meet with the  Advanced Bionic Asia Pacific clinical and educational manager as well as the Advanced Bionic representative from Tamil Nadu. They did not hesitate to share their knowledge  regarding the cochlea implant product to give us a better understanding on the improvements made towards hearing implant devices. We discussed extensively from the old implant models up to the latest such as the HiRes Ultra 3D.

Jeffrey Ng, Clinical Audiologist at 20dB Hearing Cheras Maluri

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