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4 Petua untuk pelantikan pakar audiologi pertama anda

  1. Gather all your medical information

Audiologist will like to know about your medical history, including any previous testing result, Ear-nose-throat specialist’s history, medications, surgeries and family history of hearing loss. By giving your audiologist the full picture, their advice is going to be better suited for your needs.


  1. Bring a list of questions.

Write down your questions, as most of time our brain suddenly empties the minute you step into the clinic. By looking back all those quenstions, can help you relax during appointment. And a good audiologist should have answered all your questions well and patiently.


  1. Bring along a friend or family member

They could be your support, second set of ears, and provide extra information to the audiologist. They can also help to take in information you might miss or ask any questions you’ve forgotten which is incredibly beneficial.


  1. Think about your expectation.

Express clearly to your audiologist what hearing problems you’re dealing with. Do you struggle to hear TV or meeting? And what do you expect if you do need a hearing aid. Do a quick research online, and come prepared to your first appointment can made you more relax and understand the situation better. This will also assist the audiologist in selecting the best solution for you.



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