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20dB Therapy Tree Therapist

20dB Therapy Tree Therapist

Magdalene Ong Mei Yin  


B. Speech Sciences (Hons) UKM, 

Member of MASH,  

Hanen®️ Certified 


  • Speech & Language Assessment & Therapy 
  • Aural Rehabilitation 
  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication 
  • Professional Consultation 
  • Parent Training & Resources 

Magdalene believes in family-centered approaches and enjoys working with families of children with special needs, and adults alike (speech and language disorders, voice and feeding disorders).  

She worked with the Sarawak Social Welfare Council in 2003, particularly at the early intervention centre, special school and rehabilitation centre. In 2005, she worked at the Sarawak General Hospital until 2013. Magdalene also had the opportunity to work at special school in Kuala Lumpur (2009-2011).  

She now offers speech-language assessment and therapy services at 20dB, and visits Kuching Autistic Association and Borneo Medical Centre. 

Millie Lee 


CCC-SLP, Master of Sciences (University of Oregon),  

Member of MASH,  

LSVT LOUD Certified 

  • Adult Speech, Language, Voice Assessment & Treatment 
  • Dysphagia Assessment & Treatment 
  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication (ACC) Assessment & Treatment  
  • Cognitive Assessment & Treatment 

Millie Lee is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and she currently holds her CCC-SLP (Certificate of Clinical Competence) through the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. She worked as a Speech Therapist at a level 1 trauma hospital in America for 6 years prior to returning to her hometown of Kuching recently to continue her practice. She has extensive background working with the adult and geriatric population providing evaluation and treatment of swallowing, speech, language, cognition, and communication problems resulting from a wide range of medical complications (e.g., stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, post-oral intubation, complex respiratory with tracheostomy and mechanical ventilator needs, head & neck cancer, post-open heart surgery, cardiac arrest, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, various neurogenic disorders, and etc). She is also a Lee-Silverman Voice Therapy LOUD® certified clinician. (LSVT LOUD® is a well-researched voice therapy for people with Parkinson’s Disease) 

Amy Yao 


MClin Psych (HELP University),  


BSc (Hons) Psych (HELP University), 

Member of MSCP 

  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Autism, ADHD, Communication Disorders, Global Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, Specific Learning Disorder, etc) 
  • Kemurungan 
  • Kebimbangan 
  • Obsesif-Compulsif & masalah berkaitan 
  • Stress & Trauma-related Difficulties 
  • Kurang keyakinan diri 
  • Academic/ School-related Issues 
  • Family or Peer-related Dysfunction/ Conflicts 
  • Adjustment/ Transitional Issues 
  • Masalah tingkah laku, masalah kawalan & kelakuan impulsif 

Ms. Amy is a Clinical Psychologist registered with the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP). Her work experiences in the mental health field typically consisted of working with children, adolescents and young adults who go through various emotional and behavioural issues.  

Her areas of special interest include children and adolescents, special needs population, family systems, personality, emotional intelligence, expressive arts, psychodynamics, and philosophical psychology. 

Mia Ngui Siaw Ying   


B. Psychology with  

Professional Placement (Hons) Cardiff University, UK, 

Member of BPS 


  • Positive Behaviour Support 
  • Behaviour Therapy 
  • Life Skills Coaching for Individual with Special Needs 
  • Academic Support 

Mia believes that every child is a unique individual and should be nurtured properly with care and love so that they might flourish in life. She also believes that family, school and the outside world all play a role in shaping children’s personality and thus affecting their behaviours. She aims to work closely with family and schools to provide a holistic support to children with special needs. 

She worked as a learning support assistant for students with autism in a government high school in the UK. Now she offers behaviour therapy at 20dB. 

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