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Home Visit to The Rescue

Hearing loss can be a frustrating experience that affects all aspects of one's daily life. It can make simple communication and social activities feel exhausting and tiresome. But despite the high prevalence of hearing loss, many people with hearing problems still avoid or delay seeking treatment due to various reasons. One of which is lack of transportation and poor mobility.  


It is understandable that most older adults find travelling to be a significant obstacle to getting professional hearing care. When clients are no longer able to drive or travel independently, they need to depend on their children, public transportation or e-hailing to get around. A fraction of older adults who are confined to bed due to health reasons face an even steeper challenge as they cannot leave the bedroom without major assistance from others. This prevents them from getting a proper diagnosis and delays access to intervention necessary to overcome hearing loss. The longer they take to get fitted with hearing aids, the more difficult it will be for older adults with hearing loss to adapt and accept hearing aids. This has the potential of impairing communication with friends and families and reducing the overall quality of life. 


The good news is that 20dB now offers an exclusive Home Visit service. The 20dB Home Visit service is a convenient way for people with hearing loss to get a professional assessment of their hearing and to receive a customized aural rehabilitation plan from our audiologist. In this service, a certified audiologist will visit your home, bringing all necessary medical equipment for the hearing evaluation. A free hearing aid trial shall be provided to you or your loved ones if deemed necessary by the audiologist. Hearing aid trials will help you determine which hearing aid works best for your needs.  


By having the appointment at home, you eliminate the hassle and the expense of hiring transportation services. Another significant advantage of this service is that our audiologist can assess your hearing in a more comfortable and secure location. Home evaluations provide a wealth of information regarding your behaviour in an environment that is natural to you and gives our audiologist a chance to analyse the impact of background noise on hearing ability. Armed with this knowledge, our audiologist can then prescribe an appropriate hearing aid or recommend other solutions that work best for you or your family. 


The 20dB Home Visit service is an excellent alternative for people with hearing loss who need professional help but are unable to leave their homes. The convenience of having a qualified audiologist come to one's home, coupled with the professional evaluation and treatment customization, makes this an ideal service for anyone who values their independence, privacy and overall wellbeing.


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