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How an Audiologist help you?

Audiologist, a healthcare professional which is not as well known as doctor, pharmacist or optometrist. Yet audiologist is playing an important role to take care one of our human most crucial senses, HEARING. Besides, audiologist also supports people with vestibular disorder or balancing problem. In this article, we would like to unveil the mystery of audiologist to help you to have better understanding with audiologist. Audiologists are professional who can help to prevent, diagnose, and treat hearing and balance disorders for people of all ages. So how can an audiologist help you?


How can an audiologist help CHILDREN

Audiologists do the hearing screening for the newborn babies. Nowadays, as the awareness toward the hearing is rising from year to year, there are more private and government hospitals are providing the hearing test for the newborn babies to have early hearing problem detection. The earlier the problem is detected, the better chance for the children to develop better speech and hearing in their latter life. There are special tests like Behavioral Observation Audiometry (BOA), Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA), play PTA (Pure Tone Audiometry) to test with the children across the ages from newborn to child. Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) and Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) are the objective tests run by the audiologists to confirm with their diagnosis.


How can an audiologist help ADULTS

Audiologists test with the adults with the hearing problem. They do the PTA (Pure Tone Audiometry) with the adult to find out the problem and providing solution or consultation to the patients. Audiologists work closely together with the doctors to find out the causes of the hearing loss because it may be able to solve by the medication. If not, hearing aids will be one of the best solutions for the hearing problem.


How can an audiologist help HEARING IMPAIRMENT

The most common complaint that we always hear is hearing aid does not work or I cannot hear properly with my hearing aid. In fact, these are a few questions we need to ask. First, are we seeing the right person? Second, is the hearing aid suitable to me? These questions can only be answered by the professional audiologist. Audiologist has adequate experiences to prescribe, fit and fine tune the hearing aids for the patients. We will choose the RIGHT hearing aids according to your hearing status, well being and the last one is your preference. The one that you want, may not be the one that you need. Audiologist will only prescribe the hearing aids that you need then only will consider that the one that you want.


How can an audiologist help DOCTORS

In addition, audiologist works hand in hand with the doctors to provide their expert opinion in diagnose diseases other than hearing loss. Tympanometry test is carried out by audiologists to find out the middle ear problems. Certain tumor like acoustic neuroma can be detected using Acoustic Reflex Test and ABR test.


How can an audiologist help YOU

As you, every individual has different needs. Tailor-made and customization are the criteria we are looking for today. We hope to have something that is specially made for us only. Only audiologist can understand your innermost need when people who are surrounding you unable or refuse to understand the effect of hearing loss has brought to you. Audiologists listen and understand you patiently, we look for the best solution for your hearing condition.

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