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mini Receiver 2.0 S
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Siemens mini Receiver 2.0


The new Siemens hearing aid miniReceiver 2.0 represents a new generation in RIC receivers. Building upon our extensive knowledge of miniReceiver design and functionality, Siemens delivers a more advanced, updated product while maintaining flexibility, making it suitable for virtually every ear canal and hearing loss.

The miniReceiver 2.0 offers outstanding flexibility: multiple sizes and power options, and compatibility with Click Domes or Click Moulds.

The new miniReceiver 2.0 has been redesigned to prevent damage from moisture, improve audiological performance, and includes easy to recognize colours for left/right side indication. Using a 2-step wax protection system and modified, easier to clean domes, miniReceiver 2.0 ensures great satisfaction.

The new design of the miniReceiver 2.0 enables a narrower, more discreet connection to Ace and Pure hearing instruments – providing better microphone positioning at the same time.

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Four different power levels.

Four different power levels ensure enough amplification and high fitting flexibility.

miniReceiver 2.0 - S

miniReceiver 2.0 - M

miniReceiver 2.0 - P

miniReceiver 2.0 - HP

mini Receiver S

mini Receiver M

mini Receiver P

mini Receiver HP

Ace micon

45/108 dB 55/114 dB 60/119 dB 65/124 dB

Pure micon

45/108 dB 60/118 dB 70/124 dB 75/130 dB

The data above are based on 2CC values

Different lengths to accommodate different ear sizes.

miniReceiver 2.0 - lenght 0

miniReceiver 2.0 - lenght 1
miniReceiver 2.0 - lenght 2
miniReceiver 2.0 - lenght 3
miniReceiver 2.0 - lenght 4

Length 0

43 mm

Length 1

48 mm

Length 2

53.1 mm

Length 3

58.2 mm

Length 4

65.2 mm

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