Pure 13 BT Primax


The Connected Ear.

The new Pure® 13 BT hearing aids. World-class hearing with direct connectivity to iPhone.

Looking for hearing aids that let you connect wirelessly to your iPhone without the need for an intermediary device? Look no further – Siemens’ new Pure® 13 Bluetooth (BT) hearing aids deliver effortless hearing and connectivity to suit your busy lifestyle. Stay connected to everything that matters, whether you are taking it easy or on the move.

Pure 13 BT provides effortless and better-than-normal hearing in challenging listening situation. Combined with the new myControl™ App, Pure 13 BT delivers the optimal personalized listening experience so you can focus on what’s important whatever you’re doing.
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Style:
    • Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC)
  • Battery size: 13
  • Aural Rehabilitation: 24 months
  • Hearing Aid Protection Plan: 12 months
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Redefining the ease of listening.

Reduced listening effort. Clinically proven.*

A new chapter in Soundability.

Hearing should be as natural and easy as possible for people with hearing loss. With the micon™ and binax™ platforms, Siemens has made tremendous breakthroughs in high-quality binaural hearing, especially in difficult situations. Now, with primax™, Siemens has elevated the philosophy of Soundability™ to a new level. Combining the optimal balance of sound quality and audibility tailored to the wearer’s individual preferences, primax is clinically proven* to make hearing effortless, thus redefining the ease of listening.