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Moxi Fit R


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The new Moxi Fit R is the world’s smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aid with award-winning design. Moxi Fit R is designed to provide more than 24 hours of use with 90 minutes of wireless streaming on a overnight charge – an eco-friendly rechargeable solution that replaces up to 100 regular batteries. Because we all sometimes forget to charge our devices, the rechargeable battery can be swapped out for a regular size hearing aid battery on the fly.

  • 36 months One-to-One Replacement Warranty
  • 50% more accurate in delivering outstanding experience for all conversations
  • 36% faster in delivering seamless changes at the speed of sound
  • 24+ hours of listening with one full charge
  • Fully automatic hearing aids
  • Free wireless charger worth RM1800 with purchase
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Unitron’s new rechargeable technology ensures that the system is forgiving, stable and very safe. Forget to charge your hearing aids and you can just slot in a disposable battery, no harm, no foul. On top of that, not only will the rechargeable option be available in every technology level it is also backward compatible! Unitron have picked silver-zinc battery technology (the safest rechargeable technology) which allows you to change out the battery with ease if you need to. It also means that you can use ordinary hearing aid batteries when you forget to charge them (we all know we will forget to charge them right!).

If You own a Moxi Fit on the North Platform, You Can Make it Rechargeable by Simply Buying The Kit!