Unitron Moxi All

Moxi All


Who says you can’t have it All?


Made for all phones
Moxi All hearing instruments connect directly to all phones* – not just iPhones®.


There’s no need to touch the phone. You clearly hear what the caller is saying directly in your ear. When you talk, the hearing aid microphones send your voice to the mobile phone, just like a Bluetooth wireless headset.


Rechargeable freedom
With rechargeable option, an easy overnight charge provides the freedom to stay in the conversation all day. Simply remove the hearing aids from the charger, put them on and you’re ready to go.
*Available on Moxi All R only

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Introducing the new Moxi All: the world’s first Made for All (MFA) phones, rechargeable hearing instrument packed with premium features. Enjoy all your conversations, whether in person or on your mobile phone, with hearing aids designed for your needs.