Hearing Spectacles la belle BC

Hearing spectacles la belle BC

Individual and elegant

The bone conduction hearing system la belle BC is the individual and elegant solution to reduce or even reverse conductive hearing loss.

Discreet and clever

la belle BC is the combination of eyeglasses and hearing aid. Not any eyeglasses but to your personally glasses. Your acoustician checks by an exercise test, if your eyeglasses meets the necessary technical requirements. Discreetly integrated and beautifully finished, the new, additional benefit of your eyeglasses optically hardly recognizable – but audible. As the position of your eyeglasses at the head you feel familiar the instrument is quickly forgotten.

Exclusive and comfortable

It offers a unique product that leads the way with its exclusivity, individuality and comfort in the market of current bone conduction.

System variants of our hearing glasses

You have the choice between two la belle BC-systems:

  • comfort
  • premium

Both systems are quality products and offer the best comfort. The premium-class has more technology for adaptive microphone directional hearing and noise reduction.

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